Sunday, August 10, 2008


"Transient Universe - Everyone has off days...have we ever wondered WHY?"


Transient Universe refers to the universe not being fixed, as most imagine. It is the idea that the universe is constantly expanding and contracting at a varying rate. With this, the theory has it that our moods and emotions change in accordance with these contractions.
Everybody will remember times when they felt they had more energy, more confidence and optimism in a particular situation...and equally they will remember the times when they just haven't felt up to it. Often, these feelings are unexplainable, as there is not necessarily a reason for us being suddenly optimistic/pessimistic.
Think of a human striving for a dream or goal and whilst usually remaining confident, the next day they wake up feeling they're just not good enough to make the grade.
The Transient Universe theory explains that this sporadic fluctuation in mood is a completely natural process...

So, with this theory in mind and being a popular topic of discussion amongst my friends, I've decided to put together a mix to capture the essence of our ideas.
This quiet, half-hour Ambient mix wavers gently and smoothly between differing Ambient moods, encapsulating the theory that our mood can shift along with the expanding and contracting of the universe.

To make the mix, I downloaded a copy of Acoustica mp3 Mixer and began selecting a few tracks, some metal clangs, thunder samples, rain recordings and other field recordings to create this audio collage.

A special thanks goes out to Peter Goddard for supplying the coverart image; as soon as I stumbled accross it on Facebook I knew it would be suitable for a project at some point...this one seems to fit nicely - thanks!

Another thankyou - I'd like to commend Simon at for featuring this mix as a podcast on the Still Audio site. It's an excellent place for keepingin touch with a wide range of electronic music styles, from netlabels around the world. Thanks again Simon!

The tracklisting, which follows, cannot be fully accurate, as in most areas of the mix there are subtle field-recording underscores...The tracks are in the right order, at least.

KEVIN KREBS - "The Blue Concubine & I" [Audio Gourmet Short Edit]
[Audio Gourmet field recordings]
MOTIONFIELD - "Sounds From A Lonely Forest"
[Audio Gourmet field recordings]
KENNETH KIRSCHNER - "25th of January, 1997"
[Audio Gourmet field recordings]
MORTESIUM - "Dream State"
[Audio Gourmet field recordings]
AUDIO GOURMET - "Untitled Drone #1"
[Audio Gourmet field recordings]
THE GREEN KINGDOM - "Epic Toadlick"
POCKA - "Dao"
CON CETTA - "2.53"
[Audio Gourmet field recordings]

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

AGCD017 Audio Gourmet "Ergonomic Cacti E.P"

A return to Audio Gourmet production work, and we have something very different here in this next E.P. Fusing his previous experimental work as Audio Gourmet with his House/techno sound, Harry has put together this 3-tracker featuring some more beat orientated tracks.

First up, is title track 'Ergonomic Cacti'. True to its name, the track is quite prickly in nature, in the way that it's quite difficult to listen to - it's difficult to easily define its tempo and the loops leave you wondering whether they fit the beat. Yet, there are elements that just fuse it all together in a very 'ergonomic' way.
Harry then provides a House remix which focuses on a more solid beat structure.
Finally, there is a remix of a track of an old album, 'Challenging Perception' called 'Trees'.

Will from Kaiser Productions is in fine form again, having produced the covering artwork for this release.

(1) Ergonomic Cacti (Original 'Minimal' Version)
(2) Ergonomic Cacti (Harry Salsava House Remix)
(3) Trees (Harry Salsava Treemix)