Thursday, February 28, 2008

AGCDOO8 Harry Salsava and Gino "February 2008 Demo Mix)

Audio Gourmet go back down the House-music route again, by presenting this dual mix-CD from DJs Harry Salsava and Gino.
The pair have been DJing since 2003 and have gone from strength to strength over the years. Starting off like most, accumulating records and practicing at home, before long, with hard work and persistence, they were getting gigs at venues in Peterborough, Nottingham and Loughborough. They are both extremely open-minded musically, incorporating many different musical influences in their record collections. Here, we are presented with an hour of jackin'/tech-house, reminiscent of their successful gigs at Dig Deep House nights in Peterborough.

Download from this link:

Natural Rhythm - "Why Must I Feel This Way?"
The Littlemen - "Gotta Keep"
Joey Youngman - "Heritage"
DJ Timothee & Smart Dog - "The Paper Is Not Cry"
Reggie Watts - "So Beautiful"
MastikSoul - "Kalimia"
Layo & Bushwacka - "Kick Your Ass"
Phil Weeks - "Born To Roll"
Da Sunlounge - "Go Deep"
Grant Dell - "House Ur Head"
Phil Weeks - "Back For More"
Jason Hodges - "My Stylee"
Demarkus Lewis - "Body Tonic"
John Larner & Slater Hogan - "What's Wrong With Me?"

Thursday, February 14, 2008

AGCD004: 'Inverted Nucleus', accompanying visuals

A first collaboration with Audio Gourmet for Will Kelly aka Das Kaiser, comes in the form of this accompanying set of visuals to our track 'Inverted Nucleus'.
A slow, swirling ever-evolving set of particles change and match the mood of this atmospheric soundscape.
Will, with a HND in electronics, is keen on experimenting with challenging technology; we hope he has a lot more to offer Audio Gourmet in the coming future.
To see the video, visit the following link:

Monday, February 11, 2008

AGCD007 'Positive Mental Attitude'

To download or listen to 'Positive Mental Attitude', visit:

By accident, I fused music and spoken word together whilst surfing the net and decided to merge the two seperate recordings together to recreate the experience I had discovered. I have been a long-standing admirer of the ambient works of Stars Of The Lid, and when on their myspace page, I was listening to their track 'A Meaningful Moment'. Bear in mind this was playing in the background whilst I was surfing the net for 'Positive Mental Attitude' resources. I fell accross a Bill Fitzpatrick video where he speaks on the benefits of a positive attitude in life. I felt that the music really added meaning to this speech and I just had to capture the two together and preserve that moment.

Apart from a little extra reverb/chorus on both recordings, the original sounds remain pretty much intact. No additional production/sounds have been added. The actual quality of the recording has been lost slightly, but the main part of the message is there to be heard at least.
Please support both Stars Of The Lid and Bill Fitzpatrick if this recording has inspired you.


Special thanks to Will Kelly for help with capturing recordings...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

AGCD006 'Gino - Intervention'

The first House-mix to feature in the quickly expanding Audio Gourmet blog-label catalog is this CD-length mix from Gino.

Gino has been DJing for around 5 years and has played in venues accross the U.K. His style is techy and electronic at a nice leisurely House pace.
The title was inspired by the fact that his doorbell rang half-way through the starts off with a piece of short Ambient music to introduce the mix, and then kicks in with some tasty Deep House that opens out to some full-on techy business.

Download for free, via the following link:

A full tracklisting will follow as soon as he gets back to me with it - but for now, enjoy!!!

Play loud...