Friday, March 27, 2009

AGCD030 - David Saker "In My Thirties But Still Dancing Like A Gooner" (mix)

After he swanned off sunning in Bermuda for a few years, I've been left very much to my own devices as a DJ. It's of course been an excellent and worthwhile experience, but much thanks is owed to David Saker for giving me a few gigs and learning me 'bout House!!

So I'm pretty chuffed to be able to feature a mix he put together at the tail end of last year on this blog.

It nods towards Francois K et al, towards the acid House movement and stays true to David's trademark House music sound...and of course, is impeccably mixed as ever!!


1) Mark E – Human (Original Mix) (Runnin Back)
2) Shur-I-Kan – 287 (Original Mix) (Dark Energy Recordings)
3) Ron Trent – Journeyn2u (Original Mix) (Futurevision Records)
4) Wipe The Needle – The Rhythm, The Drum (Vinyl Edit) (Deeply Rooted House)
5) Brothers’ Vibe – Like It Used 2 B (Altered Vibe Mix) (Mixx Records)
6) Franck Roger – Mind Illusions (Original Mix) (Earthrumental Music)
7) Dominic Martin & Hiro – Dom In Tha Groove (Original Mix) (Tronicsole)
8) X-Press 2 – Muzik X-Press (Original Mix) (Skint Records)
9) Franck Roger – Passages (Original Mix) (FR Productions)
10) Jack Coleman – Relax (LilRoj Remix) (Sub Sensory Recordings)
11) David Alvarado – Aurora (Original Mix) (Bomb Records)
12) Chez Damier – I Never Knew Love (Made In Detroit Mix) (KMS Records)

Again, no imagery for this! Perhaps David will grace us with a nostalgic image from the past? Would be great if he could dig us an old one from the days when we graced the same turntables....!

AGCD029 Harry Salsava "Gruenerot"

Here is a single, short piece of IDM/electronic 'music'. It has a sketchy, loosely defined rhythm and is loaded with an unusual arrangement of effects and samples. It took a while to make, but the objective was not to work it into anything too rigidly structured and to steer clear of tidy categories. It is designed with these media-dictated structures that inhibit stylistic experimentation in mind, and to rebel against them.
Once we rid ourselves of these over-marketed confines, we're able to be truly experimental as an artist...

This is an insight into the world of anti-pop:
"music designed for mass consumption is ditched in favour of a collection of noises that do not make sense, nor do they pretend to.Pure experimentation, rebelling against any rigid structures that are all to often assumed by the general consumer."

NOTE: Again, with my lack of any real design skills, this track goes without any accompanying imagery...if anyone has any ideas, let me know!!

MDAC005 - "Monthly Discerning Audio Chart March 2009"

You may have noticed, that rather than posting a chart at the very end of the month, I post it 5 or 6 days before the month expires. The reason for this, is so that if I'm running late and can't get one written in time, I've a few extra days to work on it!
I actually struggled to get a full chart written this month!!! I have of course, been listening to lots of music...but I've mainly been spinning old House classics and working on a mix CD. So in way of Ambient, experimental forms, it's been a quiet month. (Excuse the pun).

But! The few pieces I did get chance to listen to have been extremely pleasant on the ear, as you will learn....I've included a couple of albums from friends in the netlabel scene, so please support them!

ENNIO MAZZON - "Muffled"
First up is my friend Ennio from Italy, a keen netlabel artist. He sent me this album at the beginning of the month, which is out on Spanish label Audio Talaia. I've heard some of Ennio's material before; much of which is powerful Ambient and noisy drones. But this album induces moments of contemplative solitude and sheer desolation, yet still staying true to his classic production method. It's a very well put together album, which I'm sure fans of Ambient will love:

Between Brandon Lewis of The Nature Of Light and myself, we've been chatting about our projects and the possibility of getting some material out as a unit for months. We've both been far too busy on our individual projects and have been struggling to get a chance to produce a collaboration. But here is what Brandon's been busy on: his album 'Atropos', a dense exploration of treated guitar work and gritty industrial soundscapes. It's a compelling listen, lightly straddling between the noisy and the plain beautiful. Enjoy it here:

LOW LIGHT MIXES - "Shadows At Midnight"
I've been downloading mixes from both The Lowlight Mixes and the Hydrogen Cafe for a couple of years now. Both blogsites offer tastefully created CD length mixes of a relaxed nature, done in a professional manner. Being an avid fan of jazz, mainly of a subtle melancholy disposition, I jumped at the chance to download this hour-long jazz mix! Very interesting listening music, is this:

MARKUS FIX - "Collection E.P"
I'll happily publicise the fact that I'm working on a deep/tech House mix CD at the minute, but I'm keeping the subject of which relatively quiet. Be assured, however, that a track from this Markus Fix E.P is to be featured somewhere within this mix! I'm a big fan of Fix's stripped back percussive style, which keeps from being too cluttered; just good House music put simply.

CAVALIER - "Ride 'Em E.P"
On the tip of the House E.P, here's a cracking deep package from Cavalier. My pick of the bunch would be 'The Beat', as it's exactly the kind of Deep House I'm into spinning; something similar to the sort of records Ray Valioso/Agnes would play too.

PAVONINE - "Pavonine"
Here on Webbed Hand Records, is wonderful dark Ambient music from Pavonine. It's so cleverly put together and is every bit the compelling listen. There's so much subtle detail to get to grips with, that it's easy to forget that you're actually meant to drift off to space when listening to this stuff!!!!
Download here:

EMERALD ADRIFT - "The Blue Flower"
This album is available from the very professional netlabel, Earth Mantra. It is light Ambient with a new age feel and is a fantastic restful experience. Quite often stick this one on repeat as a sleep playlist and find myself waking up to it at 7am! It is well worth the download and is available here:

EREMOS - "Ubi Caritas"
After a month of retracing steps on the Webbed Hand netlabel, here is an older piece by Eremos. It's a collection of beautiful guitar pieces by the talented Mike Farley, patchworked together in an exquisitely delicate manner...
I listened to this album a lot when it first came out last summer, and as spring is emerging, I was out walking and listening to this again last week. I listened to every second of the album and it is excellent! The beauty of netlabel audio, is that it doesn't sell's the link:

ELUDER - "Drift"
Drift is a word stereotypically associated with Ambient music. So does the title live up to the cliche? Absolutely. There are few albums that personify this word better than this release by Eluder on Archaic Horizon. It's perfect for a long walk in the outdoors, through fields and woodland. It's perfect for lounging around, restoring your strength. And it's perfect for low-volume consumption as you drift off to sleep...This is going to be a big classic for me.

GORDON EDGE - "Trumpet Funk"
As I've mentioned, this month has been about sifting through my many House records. Here's an old slice from excellent producer and trumpet player Gordon Edge. Nice deep keys, a solid beat and fantastic trumpet work!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

AGCD028 - SPHERULEUS - "The Disguised Familiar"


(1) As The Warmth Fades (ft. Stuart Towell)
(2) A Significant Circle
(3) How White The Cerulean Sky
(4) Blue Moon (ft. Stuart Towell)


Courtesy of the Earth Mantra record label, I am delighted to announce the release of my first album as Spheruleus.
As I've mentioned before on this blog, I've a lot planned for projects under this name. I plan to really explore Ambient music further, embracing elements of instrumentation and lighter dronescapes with the obvious field recordings. Reserving Audio Gourmet as a name for this blog and a netlabel pseudonym for musique concrete excursions. The Eyes Flutter Beneath guise is not to be forgotten either - I shall use that purely for sleep/dream based work, designed for low volume 'ignorant' listening.

So, after that trademark paragraph of waffling, let me introduce The Disguised Familiar to you.
It is classic drone, ambient guitar fused with personal field recordings. Who plays the guitar? In this case, it is my brother Stuart providing these languid compositions. We've been trying to strike a happy medium between our two differing musical tastes and amalgamate to create something as a unit for a while now, and finally it has paid off. So I'd like to extend my initial thanks to him for his excellent contribution. I'm sure we'll collaborate again in the future on other pieces of music, too.

The album itself is themed around the recent flurry of snow we had in much of the U.K. I, like many, was sent home from work early as businesses accross the nation struggled to cope with what is essentially just frozen water...It just showed how we depend on transport methods so much and how everything collapses without them. Since I only really walk, it had absolutely no bearing whatsoever on me and in fact - I met my friend James Gelsthorpe and used the remainder of the day to 're-explore' this landscape that was hidden with snow. It was a landscape I was normally very familiar with, yet with this vast blanket of white upon us, it was all completely disguised. Which made for a very interesting afternoon indeed...
I'd like to offer another thankyou to James, as he is the man behind the tremendous artwork cover we have for the album. It was taken just outside our local woodland as twilight set in, and that splendid day drew to its close.

So hopefully that will put you in the picture as to roughly what the album stands for. I'd like to offer a final thankyou to Darrell at Earth Mantra, as I've always enjoyed the material on his netlabel and it is an absolute pleasure to have work released on it! It's always nice to work with someone who has a professional approach to releasing what is essentially free music and with such a clear vision of the direction he wants to head, too!
Every single album on this website is completely free for download. Please support the other artists on there too, there's some breathtaking stuff for the ears to behold!

Obviously money is of no interest to us netlabel artists. The main thing is that people take advantage of these free albums and enjoy them. Netlabel artists need that little encouragement from time to time, to feel as if their hard work is worth it. So please drop a comment whenever you download something you enjoy. It's something that even I'm guilty of - the times when I've been bowled over by some superb music, and failed to write a quick sentence of appreciation!

Anyway, it seems I've written a final paragraph as well as the opener!