Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spheruleus - Dissolve

New two piece Spheruleus digital album, out now!

In his first solo release since last year's 'Voyage' album on Hibernate, Spheruleus gets the year up and running with this pair of longform pieces called 'Dissolve'.
Dissolve is currently a digital only release, presented as a vinyl or tape set with two 'sides'.
Both pieces are continuous longform tracks, culled from a wide pool of instruments including guitar, violin, cello, harmonica, vibraphone, french horn, piano and voice. The instrument sounds are blurred into a swirling collage, accompanied by light shards of noise, radio static and field recordings.
The cover artwork was provided by photographer Richard Outram, (who also did the artwork for Voyage) and then treated with a canvas effect to make it look like a painting of what would (at first) be the artist's ideal home.
Harry Towell, the man behind the Spheruleus moniker has recently been residing in a living space for a short time, which has for some unknown reason been less than inspiring. He is due to move soon, which got him thinking about the time he has spent living in his current home and how his musical creativity has been hindered by it. He pondered upon what would be the most ideal place to live in terms of inspiring creativity and immediately recalled Richard Outram's beautiful photograph of an isolated house against a backdrop of mountains on the Llyn Peninsula in Wales.
The area is very much untouched and the houses are scattered sparsely.
Soon, thoughts turned to how such a place of isolation may eventually induce a despairing loneliness despite its obvious beauty. In turn, this gave Harry the inspiration to make the most of his current living space and overcome his hindered productivity with one last creative surge before he moves to pastures new.

Aside from this, the rest is left wide open for individual interpretation and it is hoped that the imagery and titles evoke thoughts that each listener can relate to themselves.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Alex Tiuniaev - Blurred (Heat Death Re-issue)

Please visit the following website, set up by Heat Death Records who wish to release a physical version of Alex Tiuniaev's 'Blurred', complete with new bonus material.
It was originally released on Audio Gourmet last year and is a wonderful modern classical album that deserves to be pressed up on a proper format.

Heat Death are trying to raise enough funds to get this project up and running so please donate what you can if you want to see it happen.

If you're not familiar with Alex's work, some of you may recognise him for his piano contribution on my Spheruleus album 'Voyage', out on Hibernate last year.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Recommended Listening, January 2012

We're at the start of another year, sure to bring with it yet more incredible music. I will still outline some of my favourite purchases each month, but I'll be changing the post a little. I will try and pick ten releases, but I'm not certain that I'll be able to name ten every month. This is mainly because it's all down to what I can afford and I doubt I'll be able to match last years spending habits!

Nevertheless, I feel it's important to share what I've been listening to each month and will continue to make posts throughout the year. Not all of the posted material will be physical editions - some will be digital or even free netlabel work. So it's always worth a read, even when you've not got much money to splash out on music!

This month, I've managed just five albums/EPs/whathaveyou. It's been a tough start to the year in terms of finances and time, not to mention a few items purchased this month being from various 2011 year end lists!





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