Monday, January 21, 2008

AGCD005 - Audio Gourmet - 'Rusted Dreams'

Audio Gourmet have released more dark/experimental ambient music with a two track E.P called Rusted Dreams. Both tracks are over ten minutes long and follow on nicely from the last release, Inverted Nucleus. As a big dreamer, I am fascinated at just how surreal dreams are and this E.P somehow captures that essence into audio form.

After submitting the music to Webbed Hand Records (netlabel), I am pleased to announce that they have decided to accept it into their catalog of releases.
This has widened my audience considerably, and can be downloaded for free at:

The catalog number is: WHR091 Audio Gourmet 'Rusted Dreams'

Many thanks to label owner Chris McDill for including my release on his label; most appreciated!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

AGCD004 Audio Gourmet - Inverted Nucleus

The latest release on the Audio Gourmet netlabel is in the shape of 'Inverted Nucleus'.
This is Harry's first ambient production of the year and is extremely dark, haunting and disturbing.
It is a quintessential representation of dark ambient music with its inching movement at a crawling pace; a release not for the faint-hearted. It's an extremely subtle, minimal track that rewards a few listens...


Sunday, January 6, 2008

AGCD003 Audio Gourmet - Challenging Perception

The next release features a collection of productions produced by Harry Salsava, under his Audio Gourmet moniker.

The tracks are purely experimental and designed for no apparent purpose other than experimentation with found sounds. There is no copyright on any of the recordings; as usual, Audio Gourmet are completely uninterested in financial gain and musical egotism.

Tracks in no particular order:
Lost Shores
The Ghost Like Tranquility of Winter's Arrival
Eau Minimal
The Hexagon
Four Rooms

The tracks can be downloaded individually via the following link:
Unfortunately the files are large and in .WAV format, but I'm trying to get some mp3 versions.