Monday, January 21, 2008

AGCD005 - Audio Gourmet - 'Rusted Dreams'

Audio Gourmet have released more dark/experimental ambient music with a two track E.P called Rusted Dreams. Both tracks are over ten minutes long and follow on nicely from the last release, Inverted Nucleus. As a big dreamer, I am fascinated at just how surreal dreams are and this E.P somehow captures that essence into audio form.

After submitting the music to Webbed Hand Records (netlabel), I am pleased to announce that they have decided to accept it into their catalog of releases.
This has widened my audience considerably, and can be downloaded for free at:

The catalog number is: WHR091 Audio Gourmet 'Rusted Dreams'

Many thanks to label owner Chris McDill for including my release on his label; most appreciated!

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