Sunday, February 3, 2008

AGCD006 'Gino - Intervention'

The first House-mix to feature in the quickly expanding Audio Gourmet blog-label catalog is this CD-length mix from Gino.

Gino has been DJing for around 5 years and has played in venues accross the U.K. His style is techy and electronic at a nice leisurely House pace.
The title was inspired by the fact that his doorbell rang half-way through the starts off with a piece of short Ambient music to introduce the mix, and then kicks in with some tasty Deep House that opens out to some full-on techy business.

Download for free, via the following link:

A full tracklisting will follow as soon as he gets back to me with it - but for now, enjoy!!!

Play loud...

1 comment:

kerry-ann taylor said...

Hey GINO! Love you love your work! those crazy beats have had me pulling off illegal dance moves in places they just aren't welcome but hey when you gotta dance you gotta dance. see you sat x