Saturday, May 28, 2011

MDAC029 - Top ten releases of the month, May 2011

ARGH!?!?!!?!? For the first time in over two years of doing a monthly top ten, I am simply unable to whittle the albums I have added to my collection this month down to a 'favourite ten'. Absolutely impossible this month and it's largely down to the fact that I have ordered practically everything available. So much sheer quality out there at the moment, it's difficult to give anything a miss.

[Fat Cat]
2 x 12" Vinyl album, CD album and digital album

JASPER TX - Black Sun Transmission
[Fang Bomb]
CD album

[Time Released Sound]
Limited art edition and digi-pack CD album

KYLE BOBBY DUNN - Ways Of Meaning
[Desire Path Recordings]
Limited edition 12" vinyl album in a run of 500, digital album

[Hundred Acre Recordings]
CD and digital album

[Morc Tapes]
12" vinyl and CD album

FIELD ROTATION - And Tomorrow I Will Sleep
Limited edition CD in a run of 100, digital album

RICHARD MOULT - Celestial King For A Year
[Second Language]
Limited edition CD album in a run of 300 copies

EZEKIEL HONIG - Folding In On Itself
12" Vinyl album, CD album
TIAGO SOUSA - Walden Pond's Monk
Limited edition 12" Vinyl album in a run of 500 copies, CD album and digital album
M.OSTERMEIER - The Rules Of Another Small World
CD Album
SIMON BAINTON - Sun Settings
Limited edition 3" CDr Postcard in a run of 100 (SOLD OUT), digital EP
ED COOKE - Spirit House
[Rural Colours]
Free netlabel EP
OFFTHESKY - Subtle Trees
[Nomadic Kids Republic]
CD album
MYRMYR - Fire Star
[Under The Spire]
Limited edition vinyl and CD album

TEN AND TRACER - Friendless Now
[Nomadic Kids Republic]
CD album

Friday, May 20, 2011

Various Artists - In The Bleak Wilderness Of Sleep

1. Michael Trommer - Pushing Through Gray
2. Simon Whetham - Cold Shoulder (Part 1.2)
3. D'Incise - Octobre-Septembre
4. James McDougall - Scarborough
5. Specta Ciera - Under Cool Air
6. Deep Into Perspectives - Home
7. Francisco Lopez - Untitled #264
8. Spheruleus - Overcast
9. Small Things On Sundays - Harbour
10. Philip Sulidae - Aher
11. Natalia Noelia Siebuła & Bartosz Dziadosz - Ótta og kvíða
12. Julien Demoulin - Dull Ache
On the 17th of May 2011, Audio Gourmet is precisely a year old. To celebrate this, we have been busy putting together a couple of compilation albums. One of which is 'In The Bleak Wilderness Of Sleep' available for purchase here as either a multi-format digital album or as a limited edition CDr.

The compilation features 12 tracks from some of the globe's most talented sound-designers. It is a subtly rewarding headphone listen from start to finish; curated and ordered to purposefully induce a state of sleep. Starting off minimally, gradually gathering tone and atmosphere, the experience goes on without ever boiling over or reaching a crescendo. Parts of the album are light and restful whereas traces of it tread darker territory. All in all, the imagery that the album conjurs sits perfectly as a soundtrack to the dreams one experiences during a nights sleep.

The artwork was put together by French artist Eric Lacombe (Monstror) who some may remember for his cover art collaborations for Spheruleus releases in the past. Here for 'In The Bleak Wilderness Of Sleep', his surreal imagery lends itself perfectly to this mysterious dream invoking soundtrack.

The limited edition CDr release comes housed inside a recycled card case with the cover artwork slipped inside and printed to photographic paper. Along with a CDr copy of the album itself, the tracklist will be printed to high quality salmon coloured paper/card. On the front, the album title will be rubber stamped in brown ink and on the back, the Audio Gourmet logo will be cut out by lazers. It will be hand-numbered in brown pen and limited to 200 copies.

*The first 50 copies will include a second bonus image, taken by select friends and photographers. These include:

Gerry McDermott
Harry Towell
James McDougall
Peter Nejedly
Seth Chrisman
Simon Whetham
Stuart Towell

Everyone who purchases the CD version will be entitled to a free and instant digital copy of the album. For those that wish to purchase a digital only version, this can be obtained as usual through the Audio Gourmet Bandcamp account.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

MDAC028 - Top Ten Releases Of The Month, April 2011

ANTONYMES - The License To Interpret Dreams
[Hidden Shoal]
CD and digital album

WOODWORKINGS - Goodbye Homes
[Future Recordings]
Limited edition CD of 100 copies, digital album

STROM NOIR - Dni Stratili Svoju Farbu
Limited edition CD of 200 copies, digital album

Limited edition vinyl of 200, limited edition CD of 50 (Sold Out), digital album

HERZOG - Young Lungs Against The Sea
[Bedside Table]
Limited edition CDr of 100 copies, digital album

TIM NOBLE - Diffaith
[Hundred Acre Recordings]
Digital only album

[Heat Death]
Limited edition 3"CDr of 75 copies, digital album

Limited edition 3"CDr (part 1/4)

LISTENING MIRROR - Even In The Quietest Moments
Limited edition 3" postcard CDr of 100 copies, digital track

[Rural Colours]
Free netlabel download