Wednesday, July 23, 2008

AGCD016 - Harry Salsava "Journey Through The Deep"

This CD has been one of my favourite projects since getting into music, so I thought I really ought to post a link to it for all to hear.
The CD was made in the long, hot summer of 2006 and has since been one of my best ever mix CDs. It was off the back of this mix that I managed to secure a gig and regular slots for the Dig Deep House nights in Peterborough. Although Gino and myself have gone on to play tougher styles and edgier/funkier rhythms, this sCD still serves as a piece of nostalgia, harking back to when it all started.
Before I recorded the mix, I took some time preparing the tracks and transitions. Usually, I record on the fly, but this time I wanted to take time compiling the CD and creating the perfect atmosphere.

My mate Jake uploaded the mix on our old Jucy Fruit website as a promo mix. We don't use the site anymore, but the mix is still hosted fortunately. Feel free to stick it on in the background whilst you're online; if you want a copy, just ask and I'll get one burnt. I would mail it out if anyone was interested from further-afield.
I'll go through the tracks below to perhaps entice you to listen/ask for a copy...

(1) TACKLEHEID - "Co Co Maca Stick"
"Extremely Deep atmospheric dub here. The track is off a very good white label e.p, which should be tricky to track down these days..."

(2) CHRIS COCO ft. PETER GREEN - "Albatross" (King Britt Scuba Mix)
"This is a beautiful remix of the classic Fleetwood Mac guitar work of Peter Green. The original is very subtly recognisable under some lovely mellow synths."

(3) FURRY PHREAKS - "Lament For A Dead Computer" (Part Two)
"Picked this very original record up at 3 Beat records in Liverpool a few years ago. Produced by Charles's not typical organic Deep House you'd normally associate with him; it's much more electronic. Very quirky track."

(4) BLU MAR TEN - "Numbers"
"This track follows on nicely, produced by genre-hopping Blu Mar Ten. Another old, but cracking record, with a nice techy feel."

(5) KARMASTRY - "El Chakra" (Spaced Bonus Beats)
"Suddenly from nowhere, you are transported to deepest tribal Africa...these bonus beats add a lot of subtle atmosphere."

(6) MOMENTS OF SOUL - "Delicious" (Dub)
"The first subtle hint of soulful vocals are sprinkled into the mix. Deep twisted House music with a sinister feel."

(7) SMOKESTACK - "Radio Chamber"
"Hugely atmospheric dubby track here with fantastic beats. Wait 'til the wind samples come in..."

(8) Q-BURNS ABSTRACT MESSAGE - "Innocent" (Magik Johnson Guilty Mix)
"Magik Johnson makes superb work of a truly classic piece of House. He's really done something special with this track."

(9) DADDY J & THE FACE - "Electric City" (Ambient City Remix)
"Nice simple track here that moves the mix nicely towards a techy climax."

(10) ABICAH SOUL PROJECT - "The Young Are The Future""This really deep cut comes in excellently. This is JUST how I like my Deep House!"

(11) ELITE FORCE - "Tribe Vibe" (Dub)"The mix CD is technically at its best between the previous track and this. The two tracks are in for ages and work well together. Deep tribal percussion with an excellent bassline in this one..."

(12) JOHN DAHLBACK - "Parkdancer"
"This is a really good track off a really good E.P; very deep detroit Techno to round things off nicely."

Sunday, July 20, 2008

AGCD015: Audio Gourmet - "Frogs Have No Guts" E.P

The "Frogs Have No Guts" E.P is a project that includes four relatively short trip-hop/downtempo tracks made at various points over the last year. I got Will Kelly on-board with the design concepts - so I must extend my thanks to him for putting something together!!
Download from the following link, also, below is a brief description of the track:

This is a four-track E.P of varying Downtempo/Trip-Hop cuts.
Below is a tracklisting and a brief insight into the theme/name behind the track:

This track was incorporates IDM/Trip-Hop style beats draped over a gentle Ambient drone which was actually made by applying effects to a simple cheap Harmonica. The name refers to particular hard-ship in my career which is a result of the current financial climate.

This track is a deep hypnotic downtempo cut, and the title is named after a phone bill I got 'reminding' me of impending charges as I struggled to keep the spiralling bills paid.

This track is a laid-back Trip-Hop groove with an acid-style bassline and deep synth keys. Just thought the name 'recipe' fitted...

The most recent contribution to the E.P, paradigm was made by adding reverb to drums and layering synth sounds over the top. I've always liked the word paradigm, and at some point I just HAD to name a track after it!

Monday, July 7, 2008

AGCD014 Various Artists "The Sleep Disc"

The following compilation is a personal tribute, featuring my favourite 'sleep' tracks. Most Ambient music, with its beatless textures, is naturally sleep-inducing. If I've had a particularly hectic day or just struggle to sleep in general, I select a few hypnotic soundscapes set at a low volume and slowly drift off to sleep...
I've hundreds of relaxing sleepy Ambient pieces, so in compiling 'The Sleep Disc', I selected a few of my out-and-out favourites and blended them with others that just flow together.

This CD could serve as a cure for the insomniac too; it's highly unlikely that anyone could lie awake throughout the entire CD...Just be sure not to play it whilst driving!!!!

(1) Robert Henke - "Oomoo"
(2) Deepspace - "Deserted"
(3) On 14 - "Leaf"
(4) Darkened Soul - "Dreamscapes"
(5) Mortesium - "The Sleeper Awakens"
(6) dreamSTATE - "Stone and Sky"
(7) Philip Wilkerson - "Hymn 2"
(8) Veem - "400"
(9) Pseudophone - "Kovata"
(10) On 14 - "Mint"

Sunday, July 6, 2008

AGCD013: Various Artists: Plethorama Volume 2

This compilation serves as a follow up to the first Plethorama album and builds nicely from where this project last left off.
The idea behind Plethorama was to create a collage of sultry audio in compilation-form to showcase some innovative artists so that the listeners might delve into other pieces from these artists.

(1) Love Spirals Downwards - "I'll Always Love You"
(2) Funki Porcini - "Big Sea" [edit]
(3) Blue States - "Your Girl"
(4) Four Tet - "Unspoken"
(5) Djivan Gasparyan & Michael Brook - "Take My Heart"
(6) Plaid ft. Benet Walsh - "Eyen"
(7) The Starseeds - "There Is Enough For Everyone"
(8) Jazz Fiction - "Jazz Fiction"
(9) Deep Dive Corporation - "Deep Dive"
(10) Trance Groove - "Paris"
(11) Potlatch - "Sleep At The Swamp"
(12) Michael Brook - "Tangerine II"