Sunday, July 6, 2008

AGCD013: Various Artists: Plethorama Volume 2

This compilation serves as a follow up to the first Plethorama album and builds nicely from where this project last left off.
The idea behind Plethorama was to create a collage of sultry audio in compilation-form to showcase some innovative artists so that the listeners might delve into other pieces from these artists.

(1) Love Spirals Downwards - "I'll Always Love You"
(2) Funki Porcini - "Big Sea" [edit]
(3) Blue States - "Your Girl"
(4) Four Tet - "Unspoken"
(5) Djivan Gasparyan & Michael Brook - "Take My Heart"
(6) Plaid ft. Benet Walsh - "Eyen"
(7) The Starseeds - "There Is Enough For Everyone"
(8) Jazz Fiction - "Jazz Fiction"
(9) Deep Dive Corporation - "Deep Dive"
(10) Trance Groove - "Paris"
(11) Potlatch - "Sleep At The Swamp"
(12) Michael Brook - "Tangerine II"

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