Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Movement 1 by Audio Gourmet Netlabel


Forthcoming piece by Spheruleus...artwork by Eric Lacombe (Monstror) http://monstror.blogspot.com
Recorded and treated compositions of piano and zither.
Additional accent melodies ran through granular synthesis and treated further to create lulling ambient drones

Spheruleus - Marooned (Volume One)

Marooned is a new annual mix CD project from Harry Towell, who is also known for running the Audio Gourmet label www.audiogourmet.co.uk and for his sound design work as Spheruleus.
For Volume One, the Marooned series kicks off with a whopping sixty tracks all mixed seamlessly and harmonically into an immersive ambient collage. It features sections of deep drones, glimpses of modern classical and is altogether a sleepy selection of ever expanding ambient moments. For those who are very much interested in ambient music, this will be a great mix of both familiar and unfamiliar works. For those who are relatively new to ambient music, this should be the perfect introduction to this wonderful style of music. Please support and read up about the artists and labels who have formed part of this mix.

01 Vincent Kuhner “First”
02 Pillowdiver “Eleven”
03 Foci’s Left “Regurgitated Impulses” (David Tagg Remix)
04 Rim “Gusts Of Sand”
05 Michael Trommer “Wallace Stevens”
06 Ian Hawgood “The Marbled World”
07 Arcticology “Forest”
08 IJO “Stomm”
09 Darren Harper “Leaves and Piano”
10 Offthesky “Burning Of Pella Soleil”
11 Jannick Schou “Polar Drone”
12 Damian Valles “Ridge and Furrow”
13 Andrew Thomas “Hazer II”
14 Pausal “Fall On Certain Accents”
15 Parhelion “Forgotten Outpost”
16 Stray Ghost “Part Six”
17 David Velez “Lev”
18 Fabio Orsi “Part One”
19 Jacob Newman “Slow Wave Dreaming”
20 Maps and Diagrams “The Melancholy Of The Weavers”
21 Gareth Hardwick “London”
22 Christopher Hipgrave “Go With The Loops”
23 Warmth Terminal “They Sat Down And Sighed Happily”
24 Rafael Anton Irisarri “Hopes and Past Desires”
25 Pawn “Bottom Of Bottle”
26 Ian Hawgood “Sulci”
27 Hessien “Neroli Orange Blossom”
28 Herzog “Congratulations, Here’s Your Mountain”
29 Exuviae “Luminosity”
30 Heezen “Intro”
31 Christopher Willits and Ryuichi Sakamoto “Umi”
32 Richard Moult “Procyon Over Beinn Airigh Charr”
33 Ennio Mazzon “De La Lutte”
34 Robert Fripp and Brian Eno “Wind On Water”
35 Mark Templeton “Pigeon Hurt”
36 Ibreathefur “Waking Up Sync”
37 Olan Mill “An Obedient Ear”
38 Talvihorros “And Then They Walked Into The Sea”
39 Tobias Hellkvist “Sore”
40 Rameses III “Clouds King”
41 Harold Budd and Clive Wright “Damask, Then”
42 Mountains “Below”
43 Carl Sagan’s Ghost “Hallowed and Hungry”
44 Spheruleus “Opaque”
45 Brian Grainger “Brittle Harvest Memory”
46 Oathless “Der Flug”
47 Taylor Deupree “Snow, Dusk, Dawn”
48 M.Ostermeier “Lost Weekend”
49 Jasper TX “A” (Remix by Xela)
50 Ithaca Trio “Catching Monkeyes”
51 Bohren & Der Club Of Gore “Welten”
52 Shaula “Ghost Of Me”
53 Hiroki Sasajima “Roukoku”
54 Chihei Hatakeyama “Under The Sun”
55 Christopher Hipgrave “Bright and Fluid As Mercury”
56 Letna “Jezera”
57 Jasper Leyland “It Swept”
58 Svarte Greiner “Ullsokk”
59 Svarte Greiner “The Black Dress”
60 Spheruleus “The Tide On Blakeney Point”

Friday, June 11, 2010

Audio Gourmet Netlabel - new site!

Just a very quick announcement - for those who have been enjoying the releases on the Audio Gourmet Netlabel blog...we have a new address! This comes courtesy of Jonathan Lees from Hibernate Records and can be visited here:


From now on, the blog will be disused and eventually deleted when the crossover is fully complete. Please use this new address as your first port of call for new releases.

Next up on the label, we've an EP from the SubVersions blog writer under his new production Foci's Left. This features two of his own productions spanning the last three years and a collection of remixes from David Tagg, Darren Harper and Spheruleus.

After this, we have a three track EP from talented experimental jazz guitarist Alvari Lume. This Finnish artist is extremely talented and sees the Audio Gourmet netlabel adding diversity to the music policy as its catalog expands. This EP will be titled 'Ennen', meaning then in Finnish and is a collection of older works from the artist. Forthcoming as a future release will be another EP from Alvari Lume, titled 'nyt', meaning now in Finnish. This is a collection of experimental pieces he is working on now...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spheruleus Mix for Hibernate Records

Been meaning to post this one up for a while - I spent an awful long time compiling and mixing together this CD length mix for a recent Hibernate Records night that featured performances from Simon Scott, Machinefabriek, Clem Leek and Relmic Statute. This mix was given away for donations towards the artists on the night and has been uploaded to Mixcloud by Hibernate's label owner Jonathan so that all may listen.

The ideas in my head whilst making the mix were to put together a cross section of ambient music styles that I have particularly enjoyed over the years. These include Drone, Modern Classical, Electro-Acoustic and Field Recordings pieces. The next big thing I wanted to include in this mix was harmonic mix transitions, which allowed me to quickly fade between tracks that were harmonically complimentary to one another. This is an approach that I am keen to build on with another mix lined up. The approach has meant that I have been able to maximise the amount of material used. I made sure that a piece from each of the performing artists on the night was used and have also included a few works from my own production catalog.
I'd like to particularly draw attention to my track 'Feldspar' recorded under my Spheruleus production alias. This is part of a forthcoming album 'Clandestine' that will be released on Hibernate Records at the end of the year.

Anyway, enough waffle - here's the tracklist:
01 Spheruleus (Various field recordings)

02 Clem Leek - "Snow Tale #1" [Experimedia, 2010]
03 Pawn "The Creak Of The Chair" [Cotton Goods, 2010]
04 Ithaca Trio - "Dragon Sleeps Well" [Under The Spire, 2010]
05 Nicola Ratti - "Dew and Curfew" [Anticipate, 2008]
06 Damian Valles - "A Wake Pattern" [Resting Bell, 2010]
07 Seaworthy - "Ammunition 2" [12k, 2009]
08 Spheruleus - "Feldspar" [Hibernate, Unreleased]
09 Inverz - "Slow" [Phantom Channel, 2009]
10 Andrew Thomas - "A Dream Of A Spider" [Kompakt, 2010]
11 Sylvie Walder and Entia Non - "Un Soir D'Octobre" [Resting Bell, 2008]
12 Letna - "Crossing The Bridge (Novisad)" [Zymogen, 2008]
13 Dirac - "Bantu" [Spekk, 2009]
14 Offthesky - "Still Water Tear" [Audio Talaia, 2009]
15 Hildur Gudnadottir - "Elevation" [Touch. 2009]
16 Maps and Diagrams - "Savannakhet" [Yuki Yaki, 2009]
17 Hauschka - "Cardiff" [Karaoke Kalk, 2007]
18 Sawako - "Wind Shower Particle" [12k, 2008]
19 Chihei Hatakeyama - "The Dance Of The Sea" [Home Normal, 2010]
20 Julien Neto - "Farewell" [Type, 2009]
21 Jasper TX - "Harrisburg 2" [Under The Spire, 2010]
22 Asher - "14" [Room 40, 2009]
23 Machinefabriek - "IJspret 1" [Self-Release, 2009]
24 Yui Onodera - "Entropy 2" [Trumn, 2009]
25 Sleeping Me - "Cradlesong" [Hidden Shoal, 2009]
26 Zvezdara - "Le Temps Nest Pas Importanti Ici" [Standard Klik, 2005]
27 Offthesky - "Hand Held Lightly" [Home Normal, 2010]
28 Arve Henriksen - "From Birth" [ECM, 2008]
29 Jasper Leyland - "Taken" [12x50, 2008]
30 Rameses III - "Across The Lake Is Where My Heart Shines" [Type, 2009]
31 Mountains - "Interlude" [Apestaartje, 2007]
32 Akira Kosemura - "Guitar" [Someone Good, 2010]
33 Ryonkt - "Toy Camera" [Experimedia, 2009]
34 Tobias Hellkvist - "Sore" [Home Normal, 2010]
35 Pausal - "One Watery Lens" [Barge, 2010]
36 Simon Scott - "The Old Jug and Drum" [Miasmah, 2009]
37 Fabio Orsi - "Part 3" [Slow Flow, 2010]
38 Kyle Bobby Dunn - "The Tributary (For Voices Lost) [Moodgadget, 2009]
39 Spheruleus - "Moss" [Under The Spire, 2010]
40 Andrey Kiritchenko - "Let Oneself In" [Spekk, 2009]
41 Relmic Statute - "Exploratory Notes" [High Linear Music, 2010]