Friday, June 11, 2010

Audio Gourmet Netlabel - new site!

Just a very quick announcement - for those who have been enjoying the releases on the Audio Gourmet Netlabel blog...we have a new address! This comes courtesy of Jonathan Lees from Hibernate Records and can be visited here:

From now on, the blog will be disused and eventually deleted when the crossover is fully complete. Please use this new address as your first port of call for new releases.

Next up on the label, we've an EP from the SubVersions blog writer under his new production Foci's Left. This features two of his own productions spanning the last three years and a collection of remixes from David Tagg, Darren Harper and Spheruleus.

After this, we have a three track EP from talented experimental jazz guitarist Alvari Lume. This Finnish artist is extremely talented and sees the Audio Gourmet netlabel adding diversity to the music policy as its catalog expands. This EP will be titled 'Ennen', meaning then in Finnish and is a collection of older works from the artist. Forthcoming as a future release will be another EP from Alvari Lume, titled 'nyt', meaning now in Finnish. This is a collection of experimental pieces he is working on now...

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Alexander S. Kunz said...

Sad to see the blog go. Following it through my RSS reader was very handy. I do not exactly remember to visit websites to check out news and prefer it if the news come to me.