Monday, July 7, 2008

AGCD014 Various Artists "The Sleep Disc"

The following compilation is a personal tribute, featuring my favourite 'sleep' tracks. Most Ambient music, with its beatless textures, is naturally sleep-inducing. If I've had a particularly hectic day or just struggle to sleep in general, I select a few hypnotic soundscapes set at a low volume and slowly drift off to sleep...
I've hundreds of relaxing sleepy Ambient pieces, so in compiling 'The Sleep Disc', I selected a few of my out-and-out favourites and blended them with others that just flow together.

This CD could serve as a cure for the insomniac too; it's highly unlikely that anyone could lie awake throughout the entire CD...Just be sure not to play it whilst driving!!!!

(1) Robert Henke - "Oomoo"
(2) Deepspace - "Deserted"
(3) On 14 - "Leaf"
(4) Darkened Soul - "Dreamscapes"
(5) Mortesium - "The Sleeper Awakens"
(6) dreamSTATE - "Stone and Sky"
(7) Philip Wilkerson - "Hymn 2"
(8) Veem - "400"
(9) Pseudophone - "Kovata"
(10) On 14 - "Mint"

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general fuzz said...

I put this on last night - perfect. Good work!

I also wanted to let you know about my cc tracks @ - probably in line with some of your downtempo tastes.