Sunday, July 20, 2008

AGCD015: Audio Gourmet - "Frogs Have No Guts" E.P

The "Frogs Have No Guts" E.P is a project that includes four relatively short trip-hop/downtempo tracks made at various points over the last year. I got Will Kelly on-board with the design concepts - so I must extend my thanks to him for putting something together!!
Download from the following link, also, below is a brief description of the track:

This is a four-track E.P of varying Downtempo/Trip-Hop cuts.
Below is a tracklisting and a brief insight into the theme/name behind the track:

This track was incorporates IDM/Trip-Hop style beats draped over a gentle Ambient drone which was actually made by applying effects to a simple cheap Harmonica. The name refers to particular hard-ship in my career which is a result of the current financial climate.

This track is a deep hypnotic downtempo cut, and the title is named after a phone bill I got 'reminding' me of impending charges as I struggled to keep the spiralling bills paid.

This track is a laid-back Trip-Hop groove with an acid-style bassline and deep synth keys. Just thought the name 'recipe' fitted...

The most recent contribution to the E.P, paradigm was made by adding reverb to drums and layering synth sounds over the top. I've always liked the word paradigm, and at some point I just HAD to name a track after it!

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