Friday, March 27, 2009

AGCD029 Harry Salsava "Gruenerot"

Here is a single, short piece of IDM/electronic 'music'. It has a sketchy, loosely defined rhythm and is loaded with an unusual arrangement of effects and samples. It took a while to make, but the objective was not to work it into anything too rigidly structured and to steer clear of tidy categories. It is designed with these media-dictated structures that inhibit stylistic experimentation in mind, and to rebel against them.
Once we rid ourselves of these over-marketed confines, we're able to be truly experimental as an artist...

This is an insight into the world of anti-pop:
"music designed for mass consumption is ditched in favour of a collection of noises that do not make sense, nor do they pretend to.Pure experimentation, rebelling against any rigid structures that are all to often assumed by the general consumer."

NOTE: Again, with my lack of any real design skills, this track goes without any accompanying imagery...if anyone has any ideas, let me know!!

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