Friday, March 14, 2008

AGCD009 Audio Gourmet - 'Earth's Exit Door'

"Check the sytem, reboot the brain. Re-install the software andcontinue with lifes game; just be sure to avoid Earth's exit door..."

A first artist-album release for Audio Gourmet in the form of this five tracker, called 'Earth's Exit Door', signed to the Webbed Hand Records netlabel. Artwork and ideas for the accompanying text comes courtesy of Will Kelly.

These strange audio textures allow you to meditate on many of life's ultimate questions.

Each track has been assigned a brief thought-provoking narrative:


An inverted nucleus created itself by accident or chance. They have no concept of being self aware; they are merely organic cell making engines. Cell-making engines multiply and divide to create more complex lifeforms that are driven at the core by an inverted nucleus. A defected nucleus is unstable, becasue they have the inverse to a rational DNA coding that would otherwise create a stable life form. This means, potentially, that two identical nuclei can be inverted and create totally diffrent organic masses due to the complexity and nature of the DNA coding that has become irrationalised within the cell: One inverted or defected nucleus could produce an organism that struggles to function in any way and will cease to exist. Whilst the other will experience the opposite effects and the proteins generated by this inverted DNA will create cells and biological functions that will thrive in harmony, thus giving birth to inverted life or 'dark life', as has become the popular term. If allowed to flourish, this dark life will seek out higher and greater goals as intelligence is evolved and will thus begin the quest to better itself, just as its brother, the original nucleus had already acheived. This could well be the origin of life in the universe: if you could imagine a biological big-bang that created the first ever nucleus and DNA strands. Thus, just like the universe that acts as the womb for all life, ever destroying and creating itself in an infinty of big-bangs and big-crunches. Life cycles on within, on its own oscillating path of self creation and self destruction. Human beings, having evolved considerably through extensive mutation, are constantly searching for ways to escape this constant cycle and live in sustained harmony. Striving to keep the 'exit door' shut, if you will.


Ceasing to exist after only a brief ephemeral period of time is something of immense contention for humans, as they wish to remain on the planet and keep the 'exit door' shut. Others want to escape through the 'exit door', through a spiritual connection and live for eternity that way. Searching for a 'higher source'. Through means of science and research, we are able to understand more of our existence and are able to create ways of making it easier, and our goals more attainable.A created intelligence aids a life full of perplexing and menial problems/tasks; it is designed to alleviate some of life's hardships. As humans, we realise how small our existance is and thrive to expand our perception in order to expand our knowledge and technology and potentially develop a solution to keeping the 'exit door' shut.


Water is an element SO crucial for sustaining the existence of any life-form. We all need it to stay hydrated, to stay hygienic and to stay healthy. This point cannot be emphasised enough; water is absolutely paramount for us to exist. However, by complete contrast, it has wiped out hundreds of species in the form of regular ice-ages that destroy most living things. Ice is stored water in frozen form.It is fascinating, that one of the most vital elements we require to exist can be equally as lethal to man-kind.


The mist before sunrise is a metaphor for the human fear of the unknown. An un-specified quantity is the most daunting prospect for a human being. As humans, we like to accurately predict the outcomes in life and if the eventuality of something is clouded, we are not sure how to react. We learn from our experiences, some of which are mistakes, so it is necessary for our development to confront them. Every discovery ever made will have entailed some element of risk. Sometimes, what may have seemed like a huge obstacle can turn out to be a worthwhile and positive discovery. An element of informed caution is of course to be taken on board, as for each chance of a positive outcome, there is an equal chance of a negative one...


It is amazing that a seemingly 'perfect' day can be mutilated into destruction by the means of a natural disaster. In one unpredictable fell swoop, our state of contentment can be wiped out completely. As advanced as the human race has developed, a natural disaster will wipe out our creations, possessions, experiments and ultimately, some of mankind. Those who have not experienced an earthquake for instance, will struggle to fully empathise with those who have been affected by its grave consequences. It's the survivors of such destruction that know the real value in life - to stay alive, breathing and at least staying clear of Earth's Exit Door...

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