Sunday, May 18, 2008

AGCD011 - Various Artists "PLETHORAMA" (An Audio Gourmet compilation)

After a short break from Audio Gourmet releases, I have taken the time to put together this CD-only 14 track genre-hopping compilation album. On the whole, the tracks were downloaded for free on various netlabels.
By and large, Audio Gourmet productions/compilations have a theme and concept behind them. Whereas 'Plethorama' just flows delicately with no real purpose. Most of the tracks induce a fairly emotional feeling within the listener and it's quite an atmospheric sound journey.
The genres of this varied compilation span from Ambient, Musique-Concrete, IDM, Psychedelic Rock, Folk, Cinematic, Acoustic to Downtempo.

As with all Audio Gourmet compilations, please take the time to support the respective artists if you've enjoyed the content. Each track is just the tip of the ice-berg in terms of what each artist is capable of. If you take the time to search further into their sounds and productions, you'll be amazed at all the fantastic music out there!


(1) Phasen "Insomnia"
(2) Ani Di Franco "Geetar"
(3) Muhr "L'ecoulement"
(4) The Holy Mountain "A Portrayal Of Empyreal Stars"
(5) The Kirbi "Ocean Heart"
(6) Mark.Nine "Beautiful You" (Message In A Bottle)
(7) Nest "Charlotte"
(8) Deepspace "Arctic Sun And Weather Experiments"
(9) Martin Herterich "Slow Dance"
(10) Nest "Lodge"
(11) Vizion "Reflect"
(12) Pseudophone "Kov-ata"
(13) Mortesium "The Sleeper Awakens"
(14) The Winters Quarters "Like Snow On White Sand"

Apologies to those disgruntled at not being able to download the CD: seek out the artist yourselves if you really want to hear the tracks. Most are available for free download anyway...

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