Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MDAC001 Monthly Discerning Audio Chart, 'NOVEMBER 2008'

I decided to broaden the features on this blogspace by adding a monthly list of pieces/albums I've been particularly enjoying over the month. In the past, I've tried writing charts and lists on previous websites/forums and usually tie them to being from one specific genre of music. This didn't work out in the end, as some weeks I'd spend more time listening to tracks of a completely different genre altogether and lose touch with the genre the chart was based on.

So with this monthly 'chat', I am not going to refine the chart by genre and any other rigorous criteria, I'm just going to leave it loose and undefined....

(Chart in no particular order)

Ray Valioso - "You'll Never Be Mine"
"Just the way I like my Deep House..."
Parov Stelar - "For All We Know" (From the album 'Rough Cuts')
"Excellent moody downtempo jazz"
Motionfield - "Arcipelago" (From the free netlabel album 'Movements')
"Epic downtempo grooves from a superb album"
Jan Jelinek & Triosk - "Munmorah" (From the album '1+3+1')
"Some of the Deepest laziest music you'll hear"
Marbert Rocel - "The Harder They Come" (From the album 'Speed Emotions')
"Beautifully Melancholy mood piece"
Stafraenn Hakon - "Safi" (From the album '...skettir Edik a ref')
"Smooth Guitar based track"
Tortoise - "Night Air"
"Low slung downtempo"
Markus Guentner - "Soften Edges" (From album Lovely Society)
"Stand out track from a good House album"
The Mercury Program - "The Secret To Quiet"
"Superb Post Rock from a superb band"
Hird - "Burn" (From the album 'Moving On')
"Twisted downtempo funk"

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