Thursday, December 24, 2009

Top albums of 2009

I've been charting the music that I've particularly been enjoying over the course of each month for the whole year and now, as we draw towards 2010 I'd like to leave this year with a list of the ten albums I have enjoyed the most. Usually, when I write the lists each month, there is no order of favourite as such. With this list, I have decided to rank it in order of my favourite album of the year:

(1) Pillowdiver - "Sleeping Pills"
(2) Richard Skelton - "Landings"
(3) Seaworthy - "1897"
(4) Goldmund - "The Malady Of Elegance
(5) Richard Skelton - "Marking Time
(6) Nicola Ratti - "Esope"
(7) Lucette Bourdin - "Golden Sun"
(8) Le Lendemain - "Fires"
(9) Dirac - "Emphasis"
(10) Sylvie Walder and Entia Non - "Bewilderment"

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