Friday, January 29, 2010

AGCD038 - Harry Towell - "Environmental Underscore Mix"

It has been an awful long time since I've done a mix of any sort, and since I've been increasingly been getting into the modern classical, electro acoustic and drone scenes I thought I'd best base my latest offering around those styles. To create this mix, I scanned my iPod for some of my favourite albums over the last few years and hand selected a track or so from each so that I'd built a rough list of various tracks I might use for the mix. Then, I built a playlist on my iPod and have had it on shuffle throughout the month so that I can get ideas of how the tracks might link together.
One of the main things I wanted to get right in this mix was the transitions. So it took me a good length of time fiddling around with the tracks so that I could arrange the mix in a harmonic flow. Not everything would mix in perfect harmony, which I'm sure many who have tried before me can vouch. So to bridge these together, I used field recordings that were generally recorded by myself.


Throughout this mix, there is an overall and continuous arrangement of field recordings that feature on my forthcoming album 'Frozen Quarters'. This is to be released within the next month or so by Under The Spire records; I'll be sure to keep you posted...

Here is the tracklisting, so that you may seek out and support the artists for yourself. With each track, I have included a link so that you may download the track or album in mp3 format.


001 IAN HAWGOOD - "Sulci"
003 THE GREEN KINGDOM - "Autumn Eyes"
004 STEVEN R. SMITH -"Night Upon Us" 
006 UNKNOWN - "Unknown"
No details known as yet...
007 DAKOTA SUITE - "How Could You Let Me Go"
008 HAUSCHKA - "Fragile"
010 LIBRARY TAPES - "Mellan Ljud Och Text"
011 A BROKEN CONSORT - "Weight Of Days"
012 LE LENDEMAIN - "Fiore"
013 SOLO ANDATA - "Dawn Chorus"
014 DIRAC - "Augarten"
015 ZVEZDARA - "Still Life At Sunrise"
016 AUDIO GOURMET - "Seven Minutes Of Peace"


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Low Light Mixes said...

wonderful mix! thanks for the music!