Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hibernate Recordings Showcase on Fluid Radio...

I am just far too late with this post about a live Fluid Radio broadcast from Hibernate Recordings label manager Jonathan Lees, showcasing a selection of tracks from forthcoming releases. Unfortunately, I am that late with my post about it that the mix has since been broadcast live and you will have missed it - that is, if you rely solely on me as the informer of such goings on.
Fear not however, for the mix is still available for listening at the following link:


It seems that we have a wealth of fantastic material to come out of this already well-established British label. There are some artists on the forthcoming Hibernate roster that will be new to many, and others that are familiar. Either way, the future release schedule is one to look out for as each album comes out. This is a superb collection of music as you'll hear for yourself if you click the link above...

Also, worth me pointing out that a piece from my next album 'Clandestine' is featured as track ten on this mix. Many thanks to Jonathan for taking my album on and for including a piece in the mix.

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