Thursday, July 28, 2011

Audio Gourmet Presents... Various Artists - 'Just A Moment'

I'm delighted and excited to announce that Audio Gourmet will be releasing a special digital only compilation album to raise funds for the on-going recovery project in Japan following March's earthquake.
There has been great progress in the rebuilding project since the disaster earlier this year but still much work remains. So Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq) and I (Harry Towell) decided that we would put together something special to be released through Audio Gourmet to raise money for the cause and donations will be sent via Ian Hawgood, who's wife is currently working directly with some of the people affected.

There have been some excellent compilations put together already that have raised hundreds of pounds for Japan, including Kanshin, For Nihon and 31 Songs For Japan to name but a few.
We wanted to try and do something too and between the two of us, we invited 60 artists to put together a short track of roughly a minute's length.
As a result, we've a global effort of short pieces spanning many of the sub-genres that make up what some might call ambient music. It fits perfectly in line with the Audio Gourmet aesthetic and is perhaps a shining example of the sorts of sounds we seek to release within our 15 minute EP section.

Conceptually, the sixty 'moments' that make up this hour-long compilation album fit together neatly with the intention of stretching out your recess periods from 15 minutes to an hour. The netlabel section of Audio Gourmet is specifically for short 'working' tea breaks, when time is of the essence. The Just A Moment compilation has been put together for when you have the time to enjoy a longer tea break and the quick changes of the many tracks should see that your listening experience remains a conscious one throughout the hour.

We are grateful to Gerry McDermott who provided the stunning cover art for this, taken whilst travelling in Luxembourg. The cafe shot perfectly captures the essence of the album and conveys a great example of a potential listening environment.

We would like to offer a huge thanks to Byron from the Felt Collective who has kindly agreed to master this album, which I'm sure given the sheer amount of tracks was no easy task!
We'd also like to thank all of the artists who have agreed to take part in this project. Without them, this project could not have taken place.

I would like to offer a personal thanks to Bartosz (Pleq) for his invaluable help and patience in organising this with me.

Alex Durlak
Alex Tiuniaev
Alvari Lume
Bartosz Dziadosz and Shintaro Aoki
Byron Felt
Danny Clay
Damian Valles
Darren Harper
David Velez
Deep Into Perspectives
Duncan ó Ceallaigh
Felicia Atkinson
Field Rotation
The Green Kingdom
Hior Chronik
Hiroki Sasajima & Ami Yamasaki
The Inventors Of Aircraft
Julien Demoulin
Leonardo Rosado
Lights Dim
Listening Mirror
Marihiko Hara and  PolarM
Mark Harris
Monolyth and Cobalt
Nicolas Bernier
Paper Relics
Philippe Lamy
Philippe Petit
Quinn Walker
Raul Fuentes
Shota Hirama
Specta Ciera
Strom Noir
Szymon Kaliski
Tim Noble
Tone Color
Visionary Hours
Wil Bolton
Yukitomo Hamasaki