Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MDAC034 - Top Ten Releases Of The Month, October 2011

Another incredible month crammed with fantastic new releases...As usual, it was a tough job whittling it down to just ten. I missed a couple of great releases out, including the new one from Inventors Of Aircraft out on Rural Colours. I also had to shuffle a couple of big albums I received today for next month's list - let's just hope it's a quiet month for Novemeber, for the sake of my wallet and for November's top ten.
Long standing German based netlabel Resting Bell celebrated their 100th release with FOUR highly limited CD albums. They're all available for free download of course, but if you can quickly grab one of the remaining copies you'll own a piece of history. These will be a well sought after rarity in no time. More importantly, they sound excellent. My personal favourite has to be Oskar Hallbert's double disc effort.
Elsewhere, Hibernate/Rural Colours were busy as usual with four stunning 3" CDrs. They'll sell out in no time too, so act quick if you see them for sale anywhere. Oh, and *cough cough*, my first solo physical release of the year came out on CD via Hibernate at the beginning of the month. These are still in stock here and there for now, so if you see 'Spheruleus - Voyage' up for sale in any shops, then that's me!
Ian Hawgood's well-run label empire continues in great form with a new batch of Nomadic Kids Republic albums up for grabs. Ian has made sure these are ready available in a generous run, but this is mainly due to demand in Japan and the world alike. I am particularly fond of both Maps and Diagrams albums. It is recommended by the press release that you buy both - the label aren't just after your cash, it's because they're both really very good. And what else would you expect from Mr Diagram?
Time Released Sound continue a solid year with a new release from 5turns25. It's a quintessentially American guitar based affair that'll sound good all year round but particularly lend itself to the summer.
Finally, at the bottom of this list, I've listed a freebie that I'll be writing a review about soon. Arboretus' 15 minute EP on Hawk Moon records is a solid effort and it comes with my strong recommendation.

Oh, and before I go, Nils Frahm, Simon Scott and David Wenngren have new albums out!!!! Shows what a great month it's been...

Nils Frahm - Felt
[Erased Tapes]
Limited edition 12" Vinyl, CD and digital album

Simon Scott - Bunny
Vinyl, CD and digital album

David Wenngren and Christopher Bisonette - The Meridians of Longitude and Parallels of Latitude
[Home Normal]
Limited edition CD and digital album

Maps and Diagrams - Lights Will Call On You / The Town Beneath The Sea
[Nomadic Kids Republic]
Limited edition CD and digital albums

Oskar Hallbert - Utflykter/Promenader
[Resting Bell]
Limited edition double CDr album in a run of 30 copies, free digital download

5turns25 - Evolution Of The Human Heart
[Time Released Sound]
Limited edition hand-made CD album in a run of 100 copies

Offthesky - The Boy With The Golden Cough
[Rural Colours]
Limited edition 3" CDr in a run of 75 copies, Digital EP

Arev Konn - Norbotten
Limited edition 3" postcard CDr in a run of 100 copies

A-Sun Amissa - Beneath The Heavy Tides
Limited edition 3" postcard CDr in a run of 100 copies

Arboretus - Soundscape De Nostalgia
[Hawk Moon]
Free digital EP

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