Monday, May 18, 2009

AGCD034 Harry Salsava "Journey Through The Deep 2009"

Back in the summer of 2006, I recorded a mix CD called Journey Through The Deep - an excursion through strange audio patterns and textures, themed around a leisurely House beat. After receiving a lot of good feedback from this, I've long since been trying to create 'volume 2', if you will, to no avail.Finally, after hours of scouring through records, I've managed to come up with this hour-long mix of excellent deeper House cuts from the last decade. The approach to mixing this was exactly as I'd approached that first mix Cd back in 2006:

(1) Strictly vinyl only
(2) Mix on the fly, with no additional editing
(3) One take, with no practice runs
(4) Keep it deep, techy and trippy

001 Murmur - "Magnetic" /2008/
002 FURRY PHREAKS - "Tearful" /2004/
003 CRAIG NELSON - "Am I In Love With You" //
004 ALLAND BYALLO & THE SOUL MONKEY - "Hang On" [the soul monkey's vision mix] /2005/
005 BAAZ - "Connect" /2007/
006 OMAR S - "Miss You" /2003/
007 TOM CHURCHILL - "Crossed Wires" /1998/
008 MARKUS FIX - "Call" /2008/
009 PEACE DIVISION - "In My Mind" /2008/
010 MARK HENNING - "Where Are You Going" /2009/
011 ROBERT DIETZ - "Witness" /2009/
012 CHRISTIAN BURKHARDT - "Tres" /2009/ comes in, before a nasty needle-skip finale....

(Small image taken on a mobile telephone device, in the summer of 2006. Roughly at the time of the original Journey Through The Deep mix CD)

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