Saturday, May 23, 2009

Audio Gourmet is now accepting submissions!!!!!!!!

Under the guise of Audio Gourmet, I've been running this simple blogspace site to share music of a diverse nature from myself and friends since 2007. With each blog post, I 'release' a 'CD' of generally downloadable music material. The CD count is currently at 34 disks worth of music and is centered around various forms of experimental and electronic music. The main impetus for all of this, is to try and help other people get into this weird and wonderful music and to want to learn more about a multitude of styles and genres.

I've decided, after having spent a very long time working on tracks, mixes, albums etc largely by myself, that I'd like to open the opportunity for others to contribute from around the world. So as from now, I shall be accepting submissions from other DJs/producers/artists with a view to having a feature dedicated to them on the site. This will obviously include a brief biography and more information on the contributor. Over the last couple of years, I've drummed up interest from accross the world and there is sufficient traffic for it to be of interest to my fellow music connosieurs. It's certainly not a global phenomenon as yet, but it is nevertheless an opportunity to get your work heard and store a download link/tracklist to it.

So, to clear just a couple of things up before I leave it up to you:

Firstly, since this is and always has been a hobby born out of sheer enthusiasm for me, there are no financial benefits involved. I certainly can't afford to pay anyone for their contributions, since this is not a music label per se; more a portal of free stylistic expression and experimentation...

Secondly, the music will have to adhere to a rough music policy. I'll give everything a willing listen, but I don't want to just accept anything and everything. Please don't be offended if I deem your work unsuitable for Audio Gourmet; just because one chef may not be keen on using certain ingredients in their cookery, it doesn't mean they aren't valid ingredients for others to enjoy!

A rough guide to the sort of styles I am after is as follows:

Deep House
Tech House
Minimal House/Techno
Chillout/Downtempo/Trip Hop/Lounge
Ambient/Drone/Electro Acoustic
Liquid Funk
Abstract/Experimental Forms
Instrumental Organic/Acoustic music
Field Recordings/Phonography

So to submit some material, whether it be a DJ mix, an album or otherwise, email me at

Warm regards,
Audio Gourmet

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