Thursday, June 18, 2009

AGCD 035 - Audio Gourmet - "Forgotten Fragments of Sound"

This collection of drones, field recordings and other experimental sounds is a collection of works that had either been forgotten about or just didn't quite fit in with the album project I'd been working on at the time of creation.

This collection is for those who enjoyed darker Audio Gourmet material from when we first started, to those who like weird, dusty Ambient elements and those who are keen on experimental soundscapes, field recordings and electronically treated instrument takes.
Perhaps you want to listen to what could have been part of an interesting album concept? Perhaps you are intrigued at listening out for unfinished sections of abandoned projects? Perhaps you are wondering what you can add or change about the pieces?

Perhaps you'd like to use them somehow for your own productions as an artist? They are yours, for free - to do with them as you wish.

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001 'Stomata'
"When I first got into Ambient in a big way, I became very much awe inspired by nature. I would spend hours just walking around the countryside, listening to my growing collection of Ambient drones on the iPod. It inspired me to record an album themed and based around trees. I still like this idea, but unfortunately it was never thoroughly carried through in the end. So to open an album full of odds and ends, here is a piece I created using a harmonica, a tape recording dictaphone and a cheap mic. Back in the early days...."

002 'Drone 008 as EFB'
"Living in the same house as my brother Stuart, I can often hear the quiet distant drone of him playing his several guitars. I started to grow increasingly interested in trying to capture the essence of what I could hear through the wall in my room and how I could utilise Stuart's guitar in my Ambient production work. I recorded several compositions of his and began to experiment. For those that enjoyed the debut album from the two of us as 'Spheruleus', it is clear to see how for this project, I became less interested in diluting his guitar compositions to quiet, hazy soundscapes; Spheruleus shifted the focus to make the focal point the actual instrument itself.
So this is an old example of how I would approach making dusty Ambient drones from one of his compositions."

003 'Continue' (Instrumental)
"This short piece is the instrumental version to the first track in which I began experimenting with the human voice. I've not included the vocal version...since I am not entirely happy with it! Rest assured, I am not eliminating the prospect of using my vocal chords as a means of experimenatl sound design and audio art....
So, in this short track, I used another snippet of Stuart's guitar composition and draped it over a dusty bed of field recordings and hissy drones from my old tape/dictaphone recorder."

004 'Tearoom Ambience'
"Earlier this year I was lucky enough to meet a particularly special female person, whom I have taken to very much and wish to remain firmly acquainted with for as long as physically possible. A short while into our wonderful relationship, it was uncovered that both of us appreciated the finer things in life, and had developed an insatiable desire to consume copious amounts of tea.
So we paid a visit to England's marvellous capital city to a tea room of which I shall not specify, and drank what is probably the best blend of tea you could possibly imagine. Not only this, we were delighted to have been treated with an exquisite grand piano performance to further enhance what was a truly wonderful afternoon.
Never being one to miss an opportunity to capture 'that sound', I seized the moment with my digital recorder to hand. This recording preserves that afternoon so well, it almost feels as if I'm there, each time I listen to it."

005 'Desiduous'
"With a similar direction to the first track 'Stomata', Desiduous was constructed using treated harmonica as a drone instrument as part of my would-be tree album. The light recordings were taken of gentle taps upon the wooden part of a ukulele, to add subtle punctuation to this short soundscape."

006 'Debris'
"You may or may not know, that in February I had a sleep album out on under my guise 'Eyes Flutter Beneath'. There are five reduced volume drones designed to create sleepy, dream-inducing brainwaves for the listener.
"This track, 'Debris' is the track that never made it. It was actually the first track I'd made for the album and serves as the main inspiration for it. So for what reason was it not to be included in the release? Looking back...I have no idea!! It fits the mood perfectly and I actually regret not fitting it in on the release. I guess, being the first track, it was the one I'd heard a little too often and grew impatient with.
Much of the accents, recordings and hum are taken from my work place, on what was a very wet and rainy day."

007 'Return To Reality'
"Subconscious Substance rounded off my debut year as an Ambient producer and in my opinion, is my best contribution in that glorious year for Audio Gourmet. This track here just couldn't quite fit in anywhere as I struggled to make it work. Looking back, however, I realise just how subtly complex this Ambient drone is...and how with just a little work, it could have made the final tracklisting and stood out on that album."

008 'Apocalypse #4'
009 'Apocalypse #3'
010 'Apocalypse #1'
"For some time at the beginning of 2009 I started working on ideas for a Dark Ambient side project themed around the apocalypse. Yet, with 'Inside The Dream Laboratory' and 'The Disguised Familiar' released early that year, there just wasn't the time to finish this project. So I have decided to include these last three pieces for you to wonder what could have been and revel in the darker, dingey side of the Ambient world..."

cover image taken by B.Day in a recent trip we made to the Bakewell area, in the Peak District

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