Tuesday, March 23, 2010

AGCD039 - Harry Towell "A Familiar Pattern" (Spring Drone mix)

The familiar pattern of changing seasons brings us spring - leaves are slowly returning to the trees and new life is upon us. The weather ranges from warm and sunny intervals to outbursts of rain.
Plenty of inspiration for basing an ambient mix around spring - and so here is heady collection of the sleepiest drones you're likely to hear, to serve as the soundtrack to your spring.

This mix opens with a short and musical piece by Tape and Bill Wells, before heading off down a drone based representation of spring. At times, it is bright and cheerful and at other times, it is cloudy and overcast.
The above photograph was taken by myself in Lincolnshire, UK on a pleasant spring afternoon.

001 TAPE AND BILL WELLS - "Fugue 4"
002 TAYLOR DEUPREE - "Weather"
003 LEXITHIMIE - "Discolor"
004 JACOB NEWMAN - Strings and Keys"
005 SPHERULEUS - "Untitled"
006 SHAULA - "Sea Of Trees"
007 KYLE BOBBY DUNN - "Mobiles (There Is No End)
008 Tu'M - "Monochromes 2"
009 MORGAN JENKS - "Gemini (It's You)"
010 NEST - "Amroth"
011 TOMASZ BEDNARCZYK - "Shimokita"
012 ANDREW THOMAS - "1000 Pinholes In A Black Paper Sky"
013a CHIHEI HATAKEYAMA - "Jade Green River"
013b JASPER LEYLAND - "It Swept"
014 COUNTERSPARK - "5.28"
015 YUI ONODERA - "Synergetics #2"

Throughout this mix, you will be able to hear various field recordings. Some were recorded myself, others were actually part of the recordings used and others were created by the following artists:


Let me know what you thought of this mix, and whether you were able to stay awake whilst listening...

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