Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spheruleus - "Frozen Quarters" Available now!!!

Hi all,

Just thought I'd send out a message to inform that the new Spheruleus album 'Frozen Quarters' is available now from Under The Spire Records.

The album consists of 14 short tracks of electro-acoustic music spanning various moods and tones. It features field recordings of everyday sounds, instrument compositions from various sources and moody treated ambient drones.
It can be purchased as a pre-order from Under The Spire now fom the following link:


Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the years, to Chris at Under The Spire for releasing this, Eric for the stunning artwork and to Ian Hawgood who's done an excellent job mastering these works.

001 Vignette
002 Moss
003 Green
004 Solution
005 Mist
006 Appliance
007 Orchid
008 Crescent
009 Hanging
010 Autumn
011 Glass
012 Gossamer
013 Frozen
014 Colophon

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bototo said...

Hey Harry i will brodcast two tracks from your project sphereleus, great job, congratulations

perdidos en el espacio (chile)
radio program