Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sima Kim & Elintseeker - Café Air [Audio Gourmet]

As there are not quite so many free EPs coming out on the Audio Gourmet netlabel now, I thought that it would really make sense if I started posting links to them on this blog...here's the latest; click play above to listen or download, at your leisure! It's a pay-what-you-like download - so if you feel like donating, to keep everything ticking over then a huge thanks! Otherwise, feel free to grab it.


AGN071 Sima Kim & Elintseeker - Café Air

"Café Air EP is the result of a collaboration between Far Eastern artists Sima Kim and Fuzz Lee (Elintseeker) who hail from South Korea and Singapore respectively. Both artists have previously had material released via Somehow Recordings and Mu Nest and their differing approaches to sound art join as one in this EP. 

Both artists are used to performing live and this experience is not wasted on their combined studio effort, which uses the space sensitively. Café Air was recorded with Sima writing and arranging the piano melodies which were passed to Fuzz, who added guitar, field recordings and additional processing. 

A café is usually a meeting place, where conversation fills the room. Café Air strives to create an atmosphere familiar to anyone who has visited a small café alone to find it empty, as accidental sound fills the room and the vacated space gives way to empty thoughts. 

Throughout the three recordings, the delicate sound of the piano is gently cradled with atmospheric detail, allowing the mind to haze over into a day-dream state. The fifteen minute restriction imposed by an Audio Gourmet EP does little to force Café Air along its path at pace. Instead it lies unhurried; time stands on end, emptiness prevails"


released 18 June 2013
Written and produced by Sima Kim and Fuzz Lee
Artwork by Harry Towell

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