Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Flying Ibex - Habits [Bomb Shop]

Habits is London based band Flying Ibex’s sophomore album, released by the Bomb Shop imprint. It seamlessly blends exotic musical influences from African, Brazilian and Reggae with pop and indie-rock sounds. Habits is characterised by complex drum rhythms, licks of guitar fed through delay pedals and lead singer Barnaby Keen’s unique and unmistakable voice. 

From the offset, the warm and catchy Maracatu-infected vibes of ‘Two’ are a clear nod towards simple, playful Pop before the brilliant ‘You Dared Me’ changes tact with delay-drenched dub reggae. Throughout the record, the blend of styles and influences shuffles to the fore; each battling for the lead without ever throwing the music off its course.
As Habits negotiates its eleven tracks, you’ll note how bright the music feels without ever becoming saccharine, for this is a record that fits perfectly with summer and warmer climate. 

The tracks that stand out as immediately strong on first listen are ‘You Dared Me’, ‘Something Was Cured’ and the longer, more subdued ‘4th of May’. With no more than a couple of listens to the album in sequence, you may well find yourself hooked. The track order is arranged in such a way that the at first less obvious pieces become firm favourites and a thoroughly engaging listen from start to finish; always retaining your interest and attention.

You can check out samples of all tracks from the album and purchase either as a CD or download via the Bomb Shop: {LISTEN / BUY}

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