Wednesday, December 12, 2007

AGCD002: Winter's Mystery

Our second Audio Gourmet release is in the form of 'Winter's Mystery', an unmixed compilation that delves into the strange feeling that winter induces. The CD is a more acoustic take on ambient than the last, with hints of piano, guitar and strings.
It's a very relaxed collection of music, perfect in the background at home or on a long walk whilst taking in winter's ever changing landscape. Winter is certainly not dull; if you look carefully around you, you will begin to understand why it's my favourite season.
The CD is available now, although there is no artwork to accompany it as yet. The tracks are all split up, so you can skip through if you wish...

(1). Jeff Greinke "One September"
(2). Aix Em Klemm "Sophteonal"
(3). Thought Guild "Memento"
(4). Lammergeyer "Resting Place"
(5). Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd "Avenue of Shapes"
(6). Michael Brook "Science"
(7). David Smith "I"
(8). Kawabata Makoto "Shi"
(9). David Moufang "Indian Mantra"
(10). Popol Vuh "Kyrie"
(11). Lackluster "Reach"
(12). Off Land "Dusted"
(13). Veem "600"
(14). The Outsider "Aurora Storm"
(15). Xastre "Air"
(16). Stephen Drury "In a Landscape (1948)"

As it is an unmixed compilation, it is only available on CD - I will be dishing free copies out to as many randoms as possible until the time comes for the next release...

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