Sunday, December 2, 2007

AGCD001 Autumnal Cosmic Reception

The first Audio Gourmet release is in the form of 'Autumnal Cosmic Reception' and currently available on CD-R. The release is a compilation of ambient works from around the world with the theme of alien/space contact during the autumn period. Audio Gourmet recommends accompanying the compilation with a long, scenic walk for best results, particularly in the woods.

(1). Diatonis - "Conceal"
(2). Fadladder - "Children Of The Monolith"
(3). Samsa - "Mouthful Of Ashes"
(4). Big City Orchestra - "Passing Note"
(5). Turmoil - "Congenital Anomaly"
(6). Upheaval - "Swimming In Wet Cement"
(7). Nick Cramer - "Organs On The Moon"
(8). Oveloe - "April Snow"
(9). Bubblegone - "Book Number 1"
(10). Djinnestan - "High Fever"
(11). Mystified - "Sounding"
(12). Seetyca - "Angst Muss Tiefe Haben"
(13). Ryu - "Mujyun"

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