Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I'd like to take time to explain how Audio Gourmet works...

It's not a record-label per se; it's simply a way of introducing a diverse range of music to friends. We are showcasing this music without the alterior motive of becoming geared by money. In fact, Audio Gourmet is completely disinterested in selling the CD compilations we make, or even accepting donations. We are literally making a compilation of music based around themes and GIVING it away.
The motive behind this, is to introduce you to artists that you may never have heard of otherwise. The idea is not to rip the artists off by giving their music away for free, but hopefully to intrigue you into researching more about other material they have produced.
The CDs are given out in small batches locally, usually to different people with each release. Each CD will contain only one piece of work by an artist.

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