Sunday, January 11, 2009

AGCD022 - Harry Salsava "Zone 3.32"

I've been getting increasingly more involved with Ambient music and pretty much all of my musical activity has been with drones and Ambient sound. House/Techno gigs have seemed to dwindle right down to a minimum as I've been mainly concentrating on my other projects.

I still really enjoy House music though - you just can't beat a loud system, a dingey bar and loads of crazy people dancing around like lunatics to them groovy beats.

I've got a whole stack of things lined up for the future as far as Ambient's concerned, but in the meantime I've cooked up a nice techy track, which is available for free.

I've not had chance to really get everything right on this one, but the main frame of the groove should be in place, and the general gist of the track should sound pretty good to fans of the genre. You're welcome to download it and use it as you wish.

The track should represent the style of House music that play when I'm asked to spin for gigs. I used to play a lot of deeper pieces, which these days I just really enjoy listening to or playing at low key gigs and parties. But with DJing, I like to have a crate of records that are more groovy and stripped down. The type of records that sound awesome through a huge system, played LOUD!

If I decide to make any improvements on the tracks, I shall update the link.
In the mean time, let me know what you think.

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