Tuesday, January 20, 2009

AGCD023 Various Artists - "Plethorama Volume Three"

After being prompted for a CD of this style of music, I deemed it necessary to compile volume three of the Plethorama series.
There's a slim chance a copy will be available to anybody really, as it's not an officially verified compilation. However, I'm sure those that are actually into music, won't mind having a route around to see if they can download the tracks individually. Or at least listen to them...
I mean, it only costs 79p on iTunes for instance, so you'd be paying less than if say the CD were to be verified as an official release.

The Plethorama compilation itself takes a jazzier approach and treads some new ground from previous CDs. Check out the tracklist and see if you can get a copy of the tracks for yourself...

001 Phil Ranelin - "Sounds From The Village"
002 Jan Jelinek & Triosk - "Munmorah"
003 Conjoint - "New York Mary Disaster"
004 Savath & Savalas - "Two Blues For Marion Brown"
005 Parov Stelar - "For All We Know"
006 J.Axel - "Deepness Is Served"
007 Kruder & Dorfmeister - "Black Baby"
008 Hird - "Burn"
009 Boozoo Bajou - "S.I.P"
010 Marc Moulin - "I Am You"
011 Koop - "Tonight"
012 The Rebirth - "The Journey In"

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