Friday, January 2, 2009

New Pseudonym

First of all - a new year seems to have sprung itself upon it is historically necessary for me to wish you all a fruitful 365 days at this juncture.

With the new year's arrival, I bring news that is of great change to the gradually inching Audio Gourmet empire: I shall begin releasing Ambient works under another guise.
From this time forth, I shall be occasionally operating as 'Eyes Flutter Beneath', which is a name inspired from REM sleep (as I got thinking about dreams and the like).
I have completed the first release under this moniker, and it should be out very soon on an as yet un-specified netlabel near you.

In terms of how projects as Eyes Flutter Beneath will differ from that of Audio Gourmet, I am as yet unsure. I've adopted one or two new approaches to producing Ambient music, along with those I've learnt since writing as Audio Gourmet and fused them together to create a new manner of production. The first official release under the pseudonym 'Eyes Flutter Beneath' will reveal these subtle nuances; a natural progression within the confides of my journey as an experimental sound artist. If you can stay awake, that is!

You will be duly notified as and when the release is available for free download...

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