Monday, February 2, 2009

AGCD025 EYES FLUTTER BENEATH "Inside The Dream Laboratory"

With my first official netlabel release of the year, I am proud to introduce this short sleep album available for free download on Phantom Channel.
It is produced under my new pseudonym 'Eyes Flutter Beneath' and is a 40 minute affair; with each track simmering down slowly until the listener is likely to be asleep or in a generally relaxed state.

It's the kind of drone/ambient sound typically associated with work as Audio Gourmet in the past, but the soundscapes are stripped back and less prominent. Just the subtlest of unpolished drone washes are accompanied by gentle hiss, static and field recordings.

(1) Six Years Dreaming
(2) Slow Waves
(3) Random Firing Neurons
(4) Strewn Fragments Of Thought
(5) Melatonin

This is the seventh Phantom Channel release. Please take time to look around the label at the other works too - there's some excellent stuff here!


Mike Farley said...

Oh, that is beautiful, Harry! Thank you for this...

Harry Towell said...

Thanks Mike! (You're from Eremos, am I right? If so - have you any new material coming out soon? Really enjoyed your last album on Webbed Hand!)