Tuesday, February 10, 2009


As I aim to make the Audio Gourmet guise more of an overall page name for this blog, I've been brainstorming some new artist names for my Ambient music projects. First up, with my most recent release 'Inside The Dream Laboratory', we have Eyes Flutter Beneath; a guise held for sleep-inducing Ambient projects.
Now, I shall be operating as Spheruleus, a guise which I hope to use as my long-term Ambient/Drone production title. I've near enough got two albums ready for release and have two separate netlabels pencilled-in to feature these. You will indeed stay reliably informed as and when further details emerge.


The Audio Gourmet moniker will continue to be used for this blogspot, as sort of a 'label name' if you like.

Before concluding this post, I'd like to extend my gratitude to Mark Green, for allowing me to use a photo he took in local woodland for this picture. I've treated the picture, adding a film grain effect and some text to create the main emblem/icon/picture for Spheruleus projects.
Thanks again Mark!

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