Monday, February 16, 2009

AGCD027 Audio Gourmet ('mixtape') - "The Dessert" (3/3)

Since last year, I've been occasionally working on my 3CD series which resembles that of a meal, in audio form. Of course, the nod towards a culinary topic is only really in the title, seeming as I am obviously unlikely to muster free food for everyone!

Metaphorically, however, the hint behind the food/meal theme is presented through means of the omni-directional 'flavours' of sound on offer...Bit of a cliche, I know! But given that I go about the moniker of Audio Gourmet, it seemed almost necessary to create something towards a 'meal' theme.

So, here is mix CD number three, 'The Dessert'. It's really quite eclectic, with influences from jazz, dub, IDM, folk, chillout, downtempo and minimalist electronica thrown together, making for an interesting 'pudding'.

001 Dientztag - "Peaceful Piece"
002 Dienz Mixed Ensemble - "Collage"
003 Just Kidding - "Souldier"
004 Daisuke Tanabe - "Mutualism"
005 Salfetky - "Spit Your Soul"
006 Opiate - "Stp!"
007 Eris Aphelion - "37.77 AU"
008 Mapstation - "In The Loss Of Clarity"
009 Gaston Arevalo - "Aparte"

The links to all three courses are as follows:

THE STARTER (Downtempo/Chillout)
THE MAIN COURSE (Ambient/Tribal/Electronica)
THE DESSERT (Jazz/Downtempo/Electronica)

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