Tuesday, April 28, 2009

AGCD032 - Harry Salsava "TechHouse Demo Mix, April 2009"

It has literally been months if not over a year since I've been able to record a mix CD that I feel satisfied with sharing. I've only just bought the hardware/software to be able to record the output from my mixer and I'm still getting to grips with it.
This mix here is 45 minutes of Tech-House/Techno and is packed with some B-sides, personal classics and recent purchases. Unfortunately, due to the fact that my mixer is ancient and less than adequate, a couple of the mixes are slightly off. What's worse, is that I've not quite worked out how to rid that dreadful feedback/hum that you can hear at the start...so that will be something I plan to work on for future mixes.

In the meantime, since I like the records in this mix very much and they are reasonably well put together, I've decided to include it as an Audio Gourmet CD release.

I do plan on making future CDs that are much tidier and of better quality, but for now here is something to get to grips with in the meantime:


001 Mountain People "Mountain 005.2"
002 C-Soul "Verbal Competition"
003 HippE "Chunky Tool"
004 Tigerskin "Push The Patton"
005 Kriece "Nozomi"
006 Martin Woerner "Sun Dried"
007 Dan Berkson and James What "Onika"
008 SLG "Sleepless"
009 Shlomi Aber "Sekur"
010 Kriece and Basek "Submission"

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