Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spheruleus 'Play My Tape' Mix

Track List:

Saddleback – Gerroa Thursday
Shaula – Gate Of Fulfil
Takeshi Nishimoto – Memory 4am
Brunk – Radiostoring
Mark Templeton – Pattern For A Pillow
The Green Kingdom – Into The Magic Light
Offthesky – Desert Poly
Damian Valles – The Rome Walkabout
Manrico Montero – One Minute For The Sun
Tim Hecker – October
Herzog – Lately, I’Ve Been Dreaming Of Drinking Sound From A Fountain
Marcus Fischer – Antarctic 3
Goldmund – The Gardener
Steven R.Smith – Valuska
Loren Connors – Many Miles More
Danny Paul Grody – Fountain (Field Recordings Extract)
Marcus Kuerten – Torcedora
Christopher Mcfall – The Persistance Of A Breakable Memory
Ekca Liena – The More I Add To Another (Spheruleus Remix)
Nest – Trans Siberian (+ Spheruleus Acapella Vocal)
Rafael Anton Irisarri – A Thousand-Yard Stare
Spheruleus – Hanging
Spehruleus – Disintegrate

After two recent full length mixes 'Marooned' and a mix for Hibernate Records, Harry Towell (aka Spheruleus) tones down the trademark hefty tracklists to create this mixtape for Earzine, a Russian web magazine.

This mix is still CD length as with the others, yet it focusses more on featuring a selection of ambient tracks that have particularly resonated with Harry over the years. The music has become the focal point for this, rather than quick harmonic transitions - although due care and attention has been paid to making it as smooth a mix as possible.

The mix opens with classical piano ambience from Saddleback before heading slowly through occasional guitar moments, most notably a 1993 classic by Loren Connors. Interluding these are various ambient releases and the stunning 'October' by Tim Hecker. The mix closes with Spheruleus pieces and remixes, with a track from recent album 'Decompose':


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The Green Kingdom said...

Thanks for including one of my TGK tracks Harry! The title is actually Into The Magic Night (though "Magic Light" is a pretty cool title as well :-)