Saturday, January 26, 2013

Revised ambitions for 2013!!

Barely two weeks into my ridiculously ambitious idea of posting about an album every day in 2013 had failed, after I'd had a few ales the night before and no sleep. The reality had kicked in that this was going to be more an occasional thing than regular, since I just have too many commitments to sustain it.

This is not to say that I don't see posting on the Audio Gourmet blog as important, however. My intentions were at least good - helping direct people to experimental music that they might not have heard before, helping artists and labels gain new fans - even if it's only just a couple!
So, I will continue to post about albums old and new whenever I get the chance, albeit in a more irregular pattern...

Since this year I find myself rather skint and unable to plump for the preferred vinyl or lavishly packaged CDs, I am currently relying on the following to build my record collection:
(1). Buying mp3s instead
(2). Friends sending me their records
(3). Buying odd tracks on iTunes/Boomkat - selecting only my absolute favourites from an album
(4). Immediately re-investing any slither of royalties from my own albums
(5). Listening to my existing record collection
(6). Streaming albums on Bandcamp - longing for the day when I can afford to download it for my iPod!

This may sound like a bit of a public plea for promos, press advance records etc...well, maybe it is, a little! But I promise, providing I enjoy the record, I will put something back and write a few words about it - sharing the links to the release page here on the Audio Gourmet blog. My write-ups or reviews won't be as eloquently written as the likes of Fluid Radio or A Closer Listen but like them, my passion for good music will shine through and hopefully introduce people to it new things.

I was very pleased to hear personally from a few people that had bought albums featured in my end of year show last year. I said before I made the show - it might take up a great deal of my time in putting it together but if it gets just one person to check an artist out and buy their record, then it has been every bit worth the effort on my part.

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