Friday, January 11, 2013

The Almost Noteworthy Adventures of Mick Stape

Today there is no album post, because instead I have spent the whole day putting together a new 2 part mix.

I decided this week to put together a playlist of all my favourite post-rockish pieces for casual iPod listening. Years ago of course, playlists were mixtapes. - so I started whittling down the 250+ tracks I’d selected to just a few favourites, as if I were creating an old-school mix tape for friends. The result is a 2 part showcase of my favourite records leaning towards the experimental rock and folk genres.
When I used to DJ, I would name my mix CDs ridiculous things to try and get people to at least listen, so along that school of thought…I arrived somehow at: 'The Almost Noteworthy Adventures of Mick Stape'. The main reason being, that these two parts almost sound like the soundtrack to a film and so I got thinking about what my film would be called. Whilst initially appearing like a real life person, Mick Stape is actually a play on words using Mixtape. Clever.
*Huge thanks to Beth for the artwork; a sketch of me slumped at the sofa watching TV!


The Late Cord – The Late Cord
Zelienople – Little Little Eye-Full
Lilium – Lily Pool
Felix – Where Is My Dragon
Midlake – Rulers, Ruling All Things
Shearwater – The Kind
Home Of The Lame – Habitat
Giraffe – The Fifth Wheel
Sam Prekop – So Shy
Tunng – People Folk
Boduf Songs – I Am Going Away And I Am Never Coming Back
Thom Yorke – Black Swan
Tarwater – 20 Miles Up
De La Mancha – Ursa Minor
Hood – L.Fading Hills
Real Estate – Green Aisles
Deerhunter – Twilight At Carbon Lake
Radiohead – Give Up The Ghost


Talons’ – Lost Ships
Finglebone – Forgotten Again
Black Eagle Child – The Bee’s Nest
Tiny Ruins – Bird In Thyme
Neil Halstead – See You On The Rooftops
Billy Mahonie – A Part Of Me Floats To The Sea
Studiocanoe – Soothe
Aerial M – Skrag Theme
Silencio – No Memories, No Ghosts
Little Phrase – Time Is Golden
The Gentleman Losers – Light Fandango
Mogwai – Kings Meadow
Kiln – Swung Rusted Open
Pullman – Narrow Canyon
Foreign Fields – So Many Foreign Homes
Chris Weisman and Greg Davis – New Americans

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